About Our  B.A.B Restore


Be a Bridge is called B.A.B for short.

About our business items,through cooperation with the designer brands from western,we introduce the classic furniture & decoration to our clients for years. We dabbled in all kinds of vintage furniture & decoration from the modern designers or the fine appearance and texture ones.


Meanwhile,B.A.B Restore searches for unique,rare and fine vintage furniture & decoration through the regular visiting in U.K.,France,western and northern Europe.And we also offer the services to help the clients displaying the furniture & decoration in their space.


We have rich experience and a professional team to deal with all the arrangements for multinational transport .So far,not only in Taiwan,we have many Asian clients who are from Hong Kong,Shanghai,Beijing etc..They visit our website or store in person to purchase the furniture & decoration,then we offer the service to ship back to their countries.


Design is dynamic. Furnishing is static.

By combining the interest and the work,we create a space which contains the imports of western furniture & decoration ,interior displaying and design/produce. We expect ourselves to become a bridge which offers the whole new views about the life style to the clients.


關於B.A.B Restore


B.A.B 為Be a Bridge之簡稱

在營業項目上,我們透過與歐美家具品牌合作, 長年為消費者引進經典的設計家飾品, 不管是當代大師設計或具有美好外觀質感的復古傢俱, 皆為我們的涉獵範圍。


同時,B.A.B Restore也以固定出訪的方式, 實際在英國、法國、西歐、北歐等地第一線為客戶尋找獨特少見, 質感精美的古董藝術品家飾,並為其搭配陳設在空間中。


我們有非常豐富的經驗及專業團隊處理跨國運送事宜。 目前除了台灣之外,有許多的亞洲客戶透過我們的網站, 或到店內挑選傢俱後請我們寄回當地, 範圍涵蓋了是香港,上海,北京…等亞洲各大城市。


設計是動 傢飾是靜

興趣結合工作,讓我們催化了這個融合進口歐美家飾, 室內陳設與傢俱設計的空間誕生。 我們期許自己成為一座橋樑,提供消費者生活風格建構的嶄新觀點。

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